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Technical Support and Service

WMW Machinery Company provides service for all WMW Machines.

       Our Service and Parts Division provides the following:

  • Urgent (same day) stand by service
  • Installations and start-ups
  • Repairs and parts replacements
  • Preventative maintenance programs

       Laser Equipment Inspection: Renishaw Device_L1

  • WMW offers calibration services on the axis of CNC Machine Tools using Renishaw laser equipment
  • Diagnosis for CNC axis backlash error, CNC axis systematic positioning errors, CNC axis random positioning errors, CNC axis encoder’s misalignment and CNC straightness of displacement
  • Data analysis and corrective actions
  • Laser inspection is required for CNC Machines every 6 months in order to prevent any major errors

*Our preventative maintenance programs will help you to maximize the performance of your machine tools. A regular review of your machines ensures the accuracy of equipment and quality of your manufacturing process.

Service and Parts Division

Telephone: (631) 940-9121
Fax:  (631) 940-9125