ML Series


• Complex body casting with a combination of both box and angular internal ribbing. Bed structure is at least 1/3 more rigid than machines of common design
• The underside of guide way is coated with TSF anti-friction material, helping the lathes achieve easier movement and longer service life
• Convenient and concentrated operation design with rapid feeding device
• Max. 130mm(5″) of spindle bore can be supplied to enlarge the capacity of machining

• Flexible configuration to meet customer’s requirement  in different countries such as North America, CE of Europe, CSA/UL
• Aesthetic appearance easy maintenance
•  Inside of the headstock has a forced lubrication system that uses hydraulic oil, as result all moving parts are constantly lubricated
• Separate coolant system is included with the machine


heavy duty lathe 1


TableUnitML 630/800 ML 930/1100
r/min r/min r/min
Max. Swing over bedmm in630/800 24.8/31.4930/1100 36.1/43.3
Max. Swing over carriagemm in350/480 13.7/18.8650/900 25.5/35.4
Max. Swing in gapmm in800/1100 31.4/43.31100/1300 43.3/51.1
Effective gap lengthmm in300/310 11.8/12.2300/310 11.8/12.2
Max. Length of work piecemm in1500/3000/4000/5000 60/120/160/200 1500/3000/4000/5000 60/120/160/200
Spindle bore and nosemm in104/130 4/5.1104/130 4/5.1
Taper of spindle nose-120/140/Morse No 5120/140/Morse No 5
Steps and range of longitudinal feeds-64 steps;0. 05-24.3mm/r64 steps;0. 05-24.3mm/r
Longitudinal and cross feed rate-1/21/2
Rapid speed of carriagemm/min mm/in4000 157.44000 157.4
Pitch of lead screwsmm in12 1/212 1/2
Number & range of metric thread-50 types 1-240mm(Additional 14 types for irregular type of threads)50 types 1-240mm(Additional 14 types for irregular type of threads)
Number & range of whit worth thread-26 types 14-1 T.P.I26 types 14-1 T.P.I
Number &range of module thread-53 types 0.5-120mm53 types 0.5-120mm
Number & range of diametrical thread-24 types 28-1 T.P.I - 26 types 14-1 T.P.I24 types 28-1 T.P.I
Max. Cross travel of lower slidemm in315/500 12.4/19.6500 19.6
Max. Travel of top slidemm in200 7.8200 7.8
Max. Travel of quill of tailstockmm in250 9.8250 9.8
Taper of quill of tailstock-MT5MT5
Width and hardness of bedmm in550/600/RC52 21.6/23.6600/RC52 23.6
Main motor powerkw hp11 - 15 14.7 - 20.1 11 - 15 14.7 - 20.1
Rapid motor powerkw hp1.1 1.47 1.1 1.47
Coolant motor power-90w90w
Width & height of machine (W x H)mm in1380x1450 54.3/57.081560/1900 61.4/74.8
Net weight/Gross Weight 3000mm 4000mm 5000mmkg lb4700-8800 3700-6800 5200-9200 11464-20282