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EL Series


• Thread-cutting gearbox: Gears are compact and coordinated. It connects the gearbox with two sets of change gears.
• Gearbox: Gearbox and headstock adopt fission structure. Convenient inspection and maintenance . Gears  processed by grinding have excellent precision. Equipped with the oil filters and gear lubrication pump.

• Headstock: Spindle speed up to 2000 rpm. It connects the guideway in “Vee”shaped way, which ensures the stability and stiffness. In addition, radial vibration decreased.
• Bed: Reasonable structure with accurate finite element analysis and internal tendons form with rational layout ensures its high overall rigidity. Easy  removal of chips.
•  Carriage and Saddle: Scraped surfaces of saddle and guideway. Over stroke limitation resulting good safety protection.

• Apron: Handwheel  located on the right hand side of the operator,  directional lever  situated on the left hand side. Easy operation and high safety.
• Tailstock: Scale shown on the sleeve and handwheel of the tailstock, which is easy to adjust. Its shape is in perfect harmony with the machine as a whole.
•  The cooling equipment consists of  centrifugal pump, a coolant tank, and a outlet pipe. The used coolant flows through a filter back into the tank situated on the floor
•  High-power 7.5kw, 1400rpm.; Small vibration and low noise; durable design





TableUnitEL 50
Swing over bedmm in500 20
Swing over cross slidemm in270 10
Swing over gapmm in700 27
Max. turning lengthmm in1000/1500/2000 40/60/80
Width of the bedmm in340 13
Width of the gapmm in230 9
Chuck sizemm in250 10
No. of speed steps-24
Spindle speed rangerpm 22-2000
Spindle boremm in50 2
Spindle internal taper-morse 6
Travel of tool postmm in140 5.5
Cross slide travelmm in300 12
No. of tool station-4
Tool sizemm in25x25/25x32 0.98x0.98/0.98x1.25
Tailstock travel type-Manually
Quill strokemm in180 12
Quill dia.mm in70 2.7
Quill nosemorse5
No. of longitudinal and cross feed-38
Rapid traverse X/Z axesm/min0.7/5
Longitudinal Feed range in 1:1mm/rev in/rev0.05-0.8 0.01-0.03
Longitudinal Feed range in 8:1mm/rev in/rev0.64-6.4 0.25-2.51
Cross Feed range in 1:1mm/rev in/rev0.025-0.4 0.009-0.15
Cross Feed range in 8:1mm/rev in/rev0.32-3.2 .0001-0.12
35 withworthtpi 1-80
26 modulesmodule0.25-20
31 diametraldp2-72
Lead screwmm Tr 40×6
Main motor powerkw hp7.5 10.05
Coolant motorkw hp0.125 0.16
Rapid traverse motorkw hp0.55 0.73
Machine Length 1000/1500/2000mm in2575/3075/3575 101/120/140
Machine Weight 1000/1500/2000kg lb1850/1950/2050 4078/4299/4519