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Reliability and Performance: CNC Machine Tools


Our logo “WMW” is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of high performance machine tools. We at WMW Machinery are proud to continue this tradition by bringing to the marketplace a broad selection of machine tools.  All  WMW Machine Tools are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 and has been certified by TÜV .

Modern Facility

Our modern facility located in New York, USA includes manufacturing and warehouse space that allows a variety of jobs to be handled easily and simultaneously. We have in house mechanical and electrical engineers for production and assembly of machines. Our field service engineers, supported by a 4000 item inventory, provide service for all our WMW product line.


As it is our commitment to build a machine that exemplifies your specific needs, WMW Machinery will customize its machines according to your special requirements. The 40 plus years in machinery manufacturing business have named WMW Machinery as a leading machine tool supplier for corporate giants as well as non extended businesses.

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WMW Supports Our Troops

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